Forever Living: Best diet tips for improved health and body! 

A good diet shouldn’t feel like a punishment for your body. Visit us here at Forever Living and discover the best way to keep your body healthy and improve the quality of your lifestyle.

Allow us to guide you through the perfect diet plan and help you in your goal to promote a healthy lifestyle! We asked our health experts in Nigeria and they came up with this list of tips that would help you maintain a healthy lifestyle without putting a strain on your body. 

Fill up on fibre 

Fibre is one of the elements found in healthy foods like vegetables, beans, whole grains and fruits. According to studies, by simply consuming fibre-rich foods, you would have a bigger chance to lose weight and keep your body from gaining too much of it at the same time. What makes this diet tip even better is that it doesn’t take much effort at all. 

All you have to do is to switch your diet or add a few beans, fruits and vegetables to your everyday meal. You can eat fibre during breakfast for easier digestion or you can snack on a few fibre-rich foods during your breaks! 

Don’t starve yourself 

Oftentimes, we are in a hurry to get the body that we want. We miss the fact that we cannot rush health and that doing so would put your body at certain risks including ulcers. Instead of starving yourself until you become slim enough for your desired body, you should start reducing your food intake slowly. 

Minimise the amount of food that you consume while also minimising the interval of intake. What we mean by this is that you should eat a couple of times a day and allow yourself some snacks, but don’t consume too much food in one session.

Minimise distraction

This is one thing that you don’t notice when you are dieting and that is if you keep eating while doing something else like watching TV. Doing this sabotages your own diet since you eat more and more without noticing. This will then let you consume more calories and put on weight. 

The best thing for you to do is to avoid eating near distractions and focus on simply enjoying your food with your friends and family. Eat at a dinner table and keep your gadgets out of sight. 

Keep yourself active 

A lot of people think that having a rigorous exercise routine is key to keeping the body healthy and fit. It might be true and rigorous training indeed helps, but it isn’t the only way for you to keep your body healthy and fit. Another way for you to be fit is to keep your body active. 

It doesn’t have to be anything big. All you have to do is to keep moving and avoid keeping your body idle for long periods. Try walking regularly. This would keep your metabolism running without putting a strain on your body. 

According to studies, even just 30 minutes of walking can do huge leaps for your health. Plus, it is a fun activity that you can enjoy with your friends. 

Summon your inner chef! 

According to multiple researchers, you are more likely to reduce weight and keep a healthy diet if you make your food at home instead of ordering takeouts. We understand that going to restaurants in Nigeria is fun and a good resto can actually go well with your diet plan, but cooking your food from your own home would help you keep your diet and weight in check better. 

What makes this even better is that it also keeps your body active. Plus, cooking can be a fun way for you to discover the foods that you like and what exactly you want to include in your diet. It helps you keep control of the food that you consume!

Have a protein-rich breakfast 

Having a protein-heavy breakfast can be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight and gain muscle mass. More importantly, protein can make you feel full much better than any other food. By simply consuming a protein-rich breakfast, you can help yourself avoid eating heavily in the morning as well as assist you in controlling your appetite. Add an egg or two to your morning bowl and you’ll be good to go! 

Don’t drink calories 

While it is easy to recognise that sodas and other sweet beverages are something that you should avoid when you are dieting, some people don’t realise that some drinks that claim to boost your athletics can also be loaded with calories. 

According to our research, drinks like coffee, energy drinks, sports drinks and flavoured waters are high in calories and sugar. Even fruit juice can lead to weight gain if you are not careful. We recommend simply focusing on hydrating with water to avoid unwanted calories. 

Shop smart 

Have you experienced making unnecessary purchases while you are out grocery shopping? That is normal but it could sabotage your diet if you are not careful. To avoid buying food that wouldn’t help you with your diet, you should keep a grocery list with you and follow it as religiously as you can. This won’t just save you a couple of pounds but it would also help you save money!

Stay hydrated 

You might hear this a lot, but drinking lots of water and keeping your body hydrated can do wonders for your health. According to researchers, hydrated people have a lower body mass index compared to people who don’t make a habit of hydrating. It is also found that people who drink water regularly eat fewer calories due to feeling full from water alone. 

Practice mindful eating 

Always be mindful of what you eat and don’t rush through your meals. This would allow you to consume too much too quickly and that would not do your diet any good. What you should do is be mindful of what you eat and how much you consume at a time. You don’t have to obsessively observe it, just keep in mind when you should stop and when you are getting more than the necessary amount for your diet.

Cut back on your carbs 

Refined carbs are dangerous for your diet since they would allow your body to gain weight fast. These refined carbs are grains and sugar that have most of their nutrients removed. Some of the refined carbs you might be consuming without knowing are bread, flour and pasta. 

What makes these foods unsuitable for your diet is that they are often low in fibre, making it easy for your body to digest them, which means that you would only feel full for a couple of hours until you go hungry again. 

What you should do is replace your refined carbs with complex carbohydrates like ancient grains, barley, quinoa and oats. You can even throw in some carrots and potatoes in the mix! These foods would help you keep yourself full for a longer time and eat more nutrients. 

Lift heavier weights 

While walking and running are important for your cardio routine, weight lifting can also be an effective way for you to lose weight and build more muscles while keeping your body toned. What makes this even better for your health is that it can give your metabolism a little boost, which then helps you burn more calories even while your body is at rest. 

Set meaningful goals for yourself 

Wanting to fit into a pair of jeans, fit into standards and wear a bikini are some of the goals that people have when it comes to pursuing a diet. However, these kinds of goals can be dangerous for you and your body. It can make you rush into your diet, which then puts your body at risk. 

What you should do instead is set a healthier and more meaningful goal. Try to understand why you are truly trying to diet. Doing this can positively affect your whole regimen and could be your driving force to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Avoid fad diets 

Fad diets are the kind of weight loss regimens that promote helping you lose weight faster. However, what makes these diets dangerous for you is that they can be a little bit restrictive, which then leads to a yoyo dieting wherein you lose weight fast and gain it just as quickly once you get comfortable with your new fit. 

Try to instead have a consistent diet that works slowly but is maintainable in your everyday life. It would help you better in the long run and would allow you space to still enjoy the foods that you like. 

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